September 14, 2015

Sustainable Renewable energy is not a new concept and I am glad to see that this topic is receiving the attention it needs as more people are coming to realise that as a the human-race we simply can not continue.

Simply put, our planet is running out of resources and should nothing change, there will be a point where the planet can not sustain human life. This sounds all-futuristic and out of the Science fiction movie or Mad Max, but the reality is that our climate has changed, our coal and fossil reserves are being depleted and we are not slowing down in the rate that we are using these resources.We need to do something. We need a better way to to power our devices from our mobile phones, to our cars, to our home and factories.

As Business Connexion is a key sponsor for the My World of Tomorrow conference, it would be fitting that Andy Brauer, Chief Technology Officer at Business Connexion , has a clear passion about sustainable energy and what it means to the world.

Andy shared his views on sustainable energy, the on demand economy of transport and fuel cells:

Blog post by The Techie Guy | www.thetechieguy.com/what-is-sustainable-renewable-energy-business-connexion-explains/

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